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Book 6, Miranda, is a tale of Coven’s Grove’s matriarch. Caught between her guilt of the past and the responsibilities of the future, she must solve a mystery that has plagued her since the destruction of her first coven. As answers begin to unfold, history catches up with two of the coven’s members, forcing Miranda to do her part as leader and protector. If that wasn’t enough, Detective Graham White has come to Coven’s Grove looking for answers of his own, and he’s not giving up so easily this time.

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Book 7, Zoe, follows the story of a hot-shot lawyer saddled with a case she doesn’t want, but ends up leading her into the most unbelievable and life changing events of her life. The discovery of witches andĀ unveiling of the supernatural is just the start of her unwanted adventure. Blake Ingram, an attorney assigned to help her, turns out to be more than Zoe bargained for as he too reveals secrets of his own.