Pumpkin roll deliciousness!

So it’s that time of the year again. Pumpkin flavored everything!  So I make this pumpkin roll every year. My husband forbids me to make it unless we are having company. Funny story…I made this a few years back. Husband and I each have a piece and then I cover it up and put it in the refrigerator. A few days later as he’s eating another piece I ask him if it’s good cold. He says “You mean you haven’t had any of this since it’s been in the refrigerator?” I look in the refrigerator and it’s almost gone. Hence, the I can’t make the pumpkin roll unless we have company.  Anyway, I thought I could at least share the recipe with everyone.






Black Friday Shopping…Yes or No?

I personally am not a fan of Black Friday shopping. Mainly because I’m a night person. The thought of getting up before the sun to go fight the masses doesn’t tend to appeal to me. I understand why some people do. The deals make it worth the effort if there’s something you really want on sale. I would rather do Cyber Monday in my pajama pants and a hot cup of coffee. So much less stressful to point and click.

Then there’s the way people treat each other shopping. The news is full of how horrible we can be to each other. Multiple cities around the country show similar scenes of chaos and fights. I’d love to say I just don’t watch the news, but it seems to play on loop everywhere. Really wish we could all just treat each other well. Seems like that should be easy.

I do enjoy strolling around the stores at this time of the year. Christmas music playing and deals everywhere. I admit that my experience is different than most other people. I work from home so I tend to avoid shopping anytime after 5:00 PM unless I really have to. Why fight the crowds if you don’t have to?  That being said, I hope everyone has at least one stress-free shopping day.