Paranormal Romance Blog Tour 2016: Sneak Peaks!


Today is the final day of the Blog Tour and a day for sneak peeks 🙂

I have enjoyed this process as it was my first. I thought I would show you guys my next two book covers and maybe a little of the next book. Don’t forget to sign up for the giveaways as well.

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As the group’s tour guide, Paige couldn’t leave anyone behind. It was against policy, liability issues, and all that other crap. It was times like this that she really didn’t like her job, which sucked, because most of the time, she really liked her job. Especially this time of year. October brought out all the weirdos and fun people that she loved to meet. From the vampire worshipers to the Cthulhu enthusiasts, these groups were a truckload of freak sauce, which made her feel like she actually fit in.

Every now and then there was one person that spoiled it for the rest. This time, it happened to be little Billy. It wasn’t really his fault. He was like, six years old or something; too young to be left alone, but not old enough to appreciate the historical spookiness around him. That didn’t make the situation any less annoying.

Billy stomped his feet. “I wanna go, now!”

Paige rolled her eyes. Oh, hell. This was going to turn into a full on whine-fest that she didn’t have time for. The rest of the group was trucking down the block toward the cemetery without them. She scanned the cobblestone street. People from all over the country littered the sidewalks in their Halloween costumes. Salem was a popular place this time of year, so there was no lack of variety or number. The shops were decked to the nines in fear-gear and creepy decorations. Life-sized witches greeted customers at every storefront with a screeching cackle, while black cats arched their backs in wide-eyed stances of fright. Bales of hay and stalks of corn were around every light post along the main streets, softening the otherwise dark atmosphere. October was Salem’s month, and shop owners did their best to capitalize on the short window of opportunity and popularity. Halloween ambiance wasn’t what Paige was looking for however. She needed to find incentive for little Billy to get a move on. Fortunately, across the worn cobbled street, next to Faust and Fun, she found it.



Book V in The Coven’s Grove Chronicles is Amelia. Any guesses on the creepy added to this book? Follow Amelia and Brody as they navigate a dangerous path finding each other along the way.


Review of Never Marry a Warlock


I was given an ARC of Never Marry A Warlock to review.

This was a book I just couldn’t put down. A fast paced actioned packed read.

Cat is on the run from her cheating husband….with her best friend.  Where’s a girl to go???? Vegas Baby! Her adventure to repair her broken heart is a wonderful ride from man to man.

The story itself had a good pace and kept the pages turning. It will definitely put you in a good mood. I found myself giggling more than once.

Which of the many hunky men she encounters will she give her heart?

Totally worth the read to find out 🙂

Paranormal Blog Tour 2016: Author interview!


Today we are lucky enough to have an interview with Michele Brouder! I hope you all enjoy it.



How did you get the idea for your current book?

Actually, I was standing outside, waiting for a lift and staring at a cloud when I had this idea of an awkward, snarky teenaged girl who had these superpowers to use for the greater good but who had other ideas for her life. Also I wanted to set it in Ireland as there is so much history here.

What inspirational advice would you give a new paranormal romance writer?

First, learn everything you can about the craft of writing. Buy books about it, read blog posts, take classes and join writers’ groups. Then examine the best sellers in paranormal romance. Ask yourself what makes their book work, why does it sell. Most importantly, read, read, read. Because if you don’t read, you can’t write. And no matter what, keep writing and never give up.

Who inspired you most to become a writer?

My senior year English teacher, Mrs. Rita Hagelin. She always encouraged me during creative writing assignments. She even created an award for me senior year for creative writing. At graduation, she pulled me aside and said she’d hoped someday to see my work in print.

What is your favorite Halloween memory?

Growing up, we all dressed as hobos and went trick or treating with big brown grocery bags. The amount of candy we came home with was mind-blowing. As I had 4 younger sisters and brothers, I used to hide my bag in my closet and sit in my closet and eat it. Alone and in peace.

What current projects are you working on?

I’m actually getting ready to release my holiday romance, A Whyte Christmas, in the next few weeks. Also, I’m doing a major rewrite on the sequel to Claire Daly: Reluctant Soul Saver. I’m also participating in NaNoWriMo this year to write a short story for the Soul Saver series.

Paranormal Romance Blog Tour 2016 Day 2 Behind The Scenes.


Good Morning!

So today is about what goes on behind the scenes….Currently, I’m working on my next book entitled Paige.  It’s growing ever closer to finished! Paige’s book is loaded with ghosts! I love all things that go bump in the night! My love of Halloween has filtered down to my children. This is my son last year handing out candy to the kiddies. He plans to hand out candy as the Headless Horseman this year.


My husband and I have a themed Halloween party every year. We’ve done this for twenty years or so, starting in college. This year’s theme was PIRATES! Because everything’s better with pirates. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Which might explain why I’d choose to write a series about witches lol.


So I’m also kind of a type A planner. So I have the first three books written. One almost finished and outlines for the next 9. Depending on how things go I plan to go back and write a trilogy for each of the girls. My husband just shakes his head at my pile of color coded folders. He keeps everything online and that’s it. I keep copies of stuff online but I still find it comforting to hold something in my hand.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day and be sure to check out the other author’s wonderful pages as well!



Paranormal Romance Blog Tour 2016!



Good Morning!
I have been lucky enough to join two other wonderful paranormal romance authors on a blog tour this week. I’ve never done one and am looking forward to the experience. Lots of things on the schedule for this fun filled week. There will be sneak peeks of what we are working on for future releases. As well as a giveaway and author interviews. That being said I’d like to welcome everyone to day one!

Participating Authors:

Marilyn Vix Website/Blog:
Virginia Hunter Website:
Michele Brouder Website:

Giveaway Links List for Paranormal Romance Blog Tour 2016:
1) Marilyn Vix’s Giveaway:

More to come in the days ahead. Book mark and come back daily for author interviews, book reviews, and behind the scenes look at writing.

Here is the schedule:

Mon 10/24 List of Authors/Giveaways posted

Tues. 10/25 Behind the Scenes Blog posts by participating authors

Wed. 10/26 Author Interview Day-all blogs will have an interview of a participating author posted.

Thurs. 10/27 Book Review Day-all blogs will have a book review of a participating author’s featured book.

Fri. 10/28 Sneak Previews of Books/Cover Reveals/Closing of Blog Tour-Last chance for giveaways!

Have an excellent Monday everyone!